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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 22, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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goorni good morning, america. this morning, path of destruction. tornadoes barreling across the plains states overnight. one town in kansas almost entirely leveled. this is the worst tornado outbreak this month. and we are going to take you to the storm zone. no go for launch. the man many republicans hoped would save the party in the 2012 presidential race now says he will not run. indiana governor mitch daniels bows out before ever getting in. so what held him back? outbreak, an extremely contagious and deadly virus is spreading among horses in the american west. rodeos, parades and horse shows are all being canceled. can this virus be stopped? and on the road. three anchors, one car, a few bucks and a whole lot of open road. watch as we fish, snooze and cruise our way out of one of the cheapest road trips ever.
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♪ holiday road you know, i had been laboring under the delusion that you and i were at least mildly interesting. but apparently not. we were on a road trip the other day with ron claiborne, and he fell asleep. >> for like two hours. >> there he is. i shot that video, as a matter of fact. >> i'm faking it. >> you were faking it. >> yeah, i was just thinking. >> will you be able to stay awake for the rest of the show? >> it took my singing to wake him up actually. >> yeah, it woke up a lot of -- a lot of stuff. i want to say, the reason why we did this road trip is we wanted to put to the test all these tips that we often give you on how to save money on the road. we'll show you how we do coming up. also, you notice the world didn't end overnight. for millions of people in the coming week, a big part of their day-time world, their afternoon routine, is most definitively ending. only three more days until oprah's last show, and there is
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a lot of speculation go who her final guests will be. we've got inside line this morning. >> we should have known the world would not end without oprah coming to an end. that could have been a clue right there. also this morning, the spotlight will shine on elizabeth smart again this week, the brave young woman who's been through so much. she faces her convicted kidnapper in court. she'll finally speak directly to him getting in the last word at his sentencing hearing. we'll hear from her coming up, as well. >> a huge day coming up in court this week. we'll start with the tornadoes that ripped across the plains overnight. there were at least 20 reported tornadoes. 14 in kansas, 5 in oklahoma, hardest hit was the small down of redding, kansas, where nearly all of the 200 homes were severely damaged and at least one person was killed. our jackie meretsky has been covering all the developments overnight. jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning. one fatality was reported and several injuries and right now there are emergency management officials looking for more victims. this is a significant severe weather outbreak. let's take a look at some of the other severe weather elements that rippled across the southern
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plains. >> go that way, go that way. go that way. >> reporter: this was the scene in lakeside, kansas. storm clouds moving then a funnel cloud forming. then debris being tossed into the air. just miles away in the small town of redding, kansas, twisters ripped through the town and left more than 20 homes destroyed and 200 more damaged. residents were completely stunned. >> i went to hide in the closet. the next thing i knew, you know, the trailer was rocking. i noticed the trailer started shaking, and i said, oh, this is not good. >> reporter: in aida, oklahoma, storm chasers caught this incredible funnel cloud just 80 miles from oklahoma city, though, fortunately, there were few reports of damage. and just before sunset in amazonia, missouri, funnel clouds blanketed the sky. and listen to this.
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residents in southwest topeka were given some warning when these sirens went off. they were able to get out of the way in time. but as you can see from these damaged cars, the golf ball sized hail fell hard and fast. and although the overnight convection has dissipated, we're anticipating more severe weather today in the southern plains and taking us all the way up to the great lakes including chicago and detroit. as far as tornadic activity is concerned, we'll be watching again the southern tier of the storm system, and, bianna, this is a softball, so the diameter of this is 4 inches, and there were reports of hail 5 1/2 inches in topeka, kansas, just to put this into perspective. >> unbelievable the damage that that can cause. jackie, thank you. we want to turn to a political bombshell that developed overnight. the man many hoped would be the savior of the republican party in the 2012 presidential race, indiana governor mitch daniels,
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announced that he will not seek his party's nomination. this ends months of speculation and pleading from party leaders. david kerley has the latest from washington. and, david, why is he bowing out now? >> reporter: well, really it is about family. mitch daniel spent a lot of time at the white house. he worked for george bush in the budget office and then went back and became the governor. he actually was the favorite of a lot of the mainstream republicans. they really wanted him to run because he understood those budget issues. but he said in his statement, in the end i was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, but that, the interest of my -- the wishes of my family is the most important consideration of all. if i disappointed you, speaking to his supporters, i will always be sorry. so the republican field narrows even more, daniels not going to run, bianna. >> and, david, why did so many republicans put him in the spotlight? also we know that former president bush's wife, laura bush, reached out to his wife pleading that he run, as well. obviously that wasn't enough.
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>> reporter: well, he had worked in the inner circle of the bush white house and therefore had a lot of support among those folks and, yes, indeed, laura bush did call cherie daniels and said, you may want to do this. there's also an issue that came up during the campaign. cheri daniels left mitchell daniels in 1993 and married a man in california. four years later came back and remarried daniels. and daniels had taken care of the four kids, the four daughters while she was gone. that may have been a consideration. but he said basically he had a woman caucus of five. his four daughters and his wife and they voted no, and he could not override their veto. this was about family, he says, bianna. >> about family for him. a big shock for republicans. david, we appreciate it. thank you. we want to turn now to christiane christiane, host of abc's "this week" who is joining us from washington for more on this. christiane, governor daniels' decision not to run surprised many political insiders. just how much pressure does this put on other popular republicans like former obama ambassador to
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china jon huntsman to throw their hat into the ring? >> well, look, as you say, it surprised people and the reason is that mitchell daniels is a sitting midwestern governor was considered really an innovator on so many issues that matter right now, big thinker on issues of the economy such as the budget, the deficit and so much success in indiana. the pressure it puts on the others is that a lot of people were holding back, we're told, to look who is going to get into the race on the gop side. also people, donors and things were waiting to see who they were going to put their money forth on depending whether mitch daniels gets in or not. a lot of people clamoring to get in. even on our program last week, governor nikki haley of south carolina, that important primary state, couldn't say enough praiseworthy about him. so as you say, this has really ri led up the field for the moment. >> of course, expecting tim pawlenty to announce he's
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running come tomorrow morning. i want to switch to middle east politics. what did he say about why he stepped down and what did he say about the president's mideast peace plan? >> on why he stepped down, he's very diplomatic. he's the former senate majority leader and has been a diplomat for a long time. he said he told the president going in that he couldn't do a full four years, that he could only do two and the president accepted that when naming him an envoy. on the other hand, it is indisputable that over two years there has been virtually no movement in this process and colleagues and others say that he hasn't been able to have the free hand to shape the u.s./israeli policy that perhaps would have been in his purview. and that most of that is at the white house. so while he did not voice any frustration on that regard, he did say that we wish we could have done more and we haven't done as much as we've been able to do. >> all right, christiane. we'll have to leave it there. we appreciate your time. of course tune into abc's "this
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week" later this morning for more of christiane's exclusive interview with george mitchell and king abdullah of jordan. dan? >> thanks, bianna. now to the latest on the sexual assault charges for the man who was once thought to be a possible next president of france. dominique strauss-kahn spent his second night holed up in a tightly secured new york city apartment after being released on bail. his wealthy wife has been standing behind him even as new allegations come out. our linsey davis is in lower manhattan this morning. good morning to you. tell us about any new details coming out about the house arrest situation. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. dominique strauss-kahn is only allowed to leave this building for very specific reasons. but it's likely in the next day or two he'll be leaving this building for good. the reason, his time here was always limited to three or four days, and he arrived here on friday. now, one of the renters inside said he wasn't told ahead of time that strauss-kahn was staying here but he was assured by the building
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that he'll be out early this week. >> we're also learning, linsey, new details about the moments of the attack. can you tell us about those? >> reporter: yes. we're learning new details about the maid who was allegedly assaulted. as she tried to explain her story, she was found in a hotel hallway by a supervisor. he described her as being so traumatized that she was having a difficult time speaking, that she was vomiting and spitting several times in the hallway. it's also reported that she told the same story consistently four times. and "the new york post" is reporting that in addition to the two receptionists that he invited to his room for champagne, he also made a pass at the flight attendant just moments before he was hauled off of the flight bound for france. >> he was on a roll allegedly. thanks for your reporting this morning, linsey. let's check the rest of the morning's headlines. once again, here's ron claiborne. >> hey, good morning, dan. and bianna, good morning, everyone. the taliban is stepping up its spring offensive in afghanistan launching another attack today.
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at least five people were killed in a battle in a government building in eastern afghanistan. gunmen stormed the building wearing police uniforms and suicide vests. two of the vests exploded and a third attacker was shot. in iraq, at least 13 people were killed today in a series of explosions around baghdad. in all at least eight bombs went off as iraqis were headed to work. and iceland's most active volcano has erupted threatening to disrupt air travel around europe. a plume of ash, smoke and steam shot 12 miles into the air grounding all flights in iceland today. last year, of course, another volcano caused weeks of chaos for air travel all across europe. and aside from mining for earthquakes in san francisco and new zealand, there were no signs the apocalypse has begun as some had predicted but not everyone was happy that the end is not here. just minutes before 6:00 p.m., the moment that he was certain that a cataclysmic judgment day would strike, robert fitzpatrick stood in times square calmly awaiting his fate and
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that have the world. it's in three minutes approximately. >> yes. >> you're still confident? >> that's what i read in the bible. fitzpatrick, a 60-year-old retiree, had put his money where his faith is spending $140,000, almost everything he has, on hundreds of billboards proclaiming the coming armageddon as predicted by radio evangelist harold camping. when 6:00 came, a cheer went up around times square. >> it's 6:00. we're still alive. >> but robert fitzpatrick, who had fully expected to ascend to heaven at this moment wasn't cheering. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know why this didn't happen is what he said word for word verbatim. i don't know why it didn't happen. >> as some of the people around him taunted him -- robert fitzpatrick just read his bible. and the radio evangelist harold camping has not yet explained what happened or rather didn't
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happen. mr. fitzpatrick, you have to feel for this guy. $140,000 he spent. >> i know a lot of people -- we've been making a lot of jokes about this but even a lot of christians have been making jokes but in his case, it's kind of sad. >> he was stunned and very disappointed. >> you could see it. >> well, finally, dan and bianna, it seems that lawmakers, changing subjects here, in the ukraine have a different way of resolving their conflicts. now, watch on this video right here as the vice speaker takes things into his own hands literally throttling another lawmaker and throwing him down. apparently the melee erupted because the politician was not allowed to make a speech because he didn't follow the rules. imagine that happening in our house of representatives. >> those former soviets get angry. >> apparently a couple of months ago there was a fight where they were throwing eggs and smoke bombs. so that was reasonably calm. >> and in japan it gets wild. >> we think our democracy is crazy.
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>> we think our democracy is wild. thank you, dan. >> jackie with the rest of the weather. no melees for us. >> i'm surprised this doesn't happen on set. let's talk about this southern heat. this certainly played a part in yesterday's severe weather, and we are going to top out today at 93 in atlanta. they only got up to 89 yesterday but 93 degrees, that's a good 12 degrees above the norm. so very, very warm. a lot of gulf moisture and speaking of moisture up in the northwest, this rain in wyoming as well as montana is only going to exacerbate the flooding problems. they've had well above normal rainfall for this time of year and they're going to get more today. meanwhile, in the southwest we've got some cool and drier weather and across the nation, the big story, of course, is going to be the threat of more severe weather from chicago all the way down to texas. that is a look at your national weather.
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>> bianna, back to you. >> all right. jackie, thank you. well, for the 33rd year in a row there will be no triple crown winner. a horse named shackelford won the preakness stakes in baltimore yesterday upsetting kentucky derby winner animal kingdom. meantime, out west horse evens s from races to rodeos are being canceled because of an outbreak of a highly contagious and deadly virus. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: at this horse competition near los angeles, a number of riders are taking a pass. >> around 50 decided to stay home. >> reporter: they're staying away amid fears of an outbreak of an equine herpes virus that is making horses sick. >> without any warning you will have a horse that is showing
7:16 am
paralysis or weak neness in the hind end or may be down and can't get up. >> reporter: it's highly contagious and can be fatal. at least seven horses have died and hundreds more exposed. >> folks should be heading toward the gate. >> reporter: officials say saturday's show at the l.a. equestrian center was perfectly safe but rodeos and events in colorado, montana, oregon and arizona were canceled to keep horses from infecting each other. >> i'm disappointed but it's for like the best for the horses. >> reporter: the outbreak is believed to have started earlier this month at a horse show in utah. so far infections have galloped across at least nine states. the bad news, the herpes virus spreads rapidly from horse to horse, but the good news is, people cannot catch it. horse owners like marni langer don't think people should panic. sammy isn't considered at risk but langer is watching closely. >> you take steps to monitor them, make sure that they're alert and their temperature is not elevated. and then if you have concerns, you get treatment. >> reporter: veterinarians say the best way to stop the
7:17 am
outbreak is to keep horses away from each other. keep them isolated basically. >> keep them isolated and away from anybody until this is over. >> reporter: until the situation is stable, vets say, the best place for a horse may be in the stable. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. and now to a case of art imitating art. you hear about this. the tattoo artist who was not happy about art imitating art. he's the guy who inked mike tyson's infamous face tattoo. and he's now suing warner brothers for copyright infringement because that same tattoo shows up in "the hangover." so the question is, does he actually have a case? t.j. winick is on the story. >> reporter: angelina jolie's geo coordinates, pam anderson's barbed wire. and then there's this tribal tattoo which famously brackets the left eye of, yep, former heavyweight champ mike tyson. in fact, his tattoo is so unique, it's now at the center of a major lawsuit. >> i can't believe this is
7:18 am
happening again. >> reporter: "the hangover, part 2" is one of the summer's anticipated films. >> your hair is gone. >> no. >> reporter: in the movie ed helms' character wakes up after a wild night in bangkok with this on his face. >> this is a real tattoo. the artist who created the original design, s. victor whitmill, isn't laughing. he's suing to stop warner brothers from using the tattoo in posters or in the movie which would essentially stop the film from being released. whitmill is also demanding monetary damages for what he calls reckless copyright infringement. warner brothers claims the design has been in the public domain long enough. >> there is a concept of fair use where you can make fun of someone's artwork, but if you're actually going to profit off the artwork that has been copyrighted, then technically it's illegal under the law. >> reporter: it may sound frivolous, but copyright law is serious business. the donald tried to
7:19 am
trademark -- >> you're fired. >> reporter: and lost. paris hilton did win some cash by claiming don't laugh now, intellectual properties to this. charlie sheen's request to trademark several phrases like -- >> tiger blood. >> reporter: -- are still pending. as for the tyson tattoo, the two sides take off the gloves in court on monday. for "good morning america" i'm t.j. winick in new york. >> would you support me if i got one of those tattoos on my face? >> i don't think it would suit you. >> you don't? >> maybe ron could pull it off. >> i doubt it. bianna could give it a shot. >> why wouldn't you think it would look good on me? >> coming up here on the broadcast, we're going to switch gears. actually we have a fascinating story out of the west. elizabeth smart, we all know her. she's going to get to face her convicted kidnapper when he gets sentenced. we'll hear from her coming up. final countdown. what big surprises does oprah have planned for her last three shows this week? and the big question, who will the guest be on the final show?
7:20 am
maybe you can. >> i wonder if there are betting pools on this in vegas. and coming up, america's cheapest road trip. bianna, ron and i hitting the road for some serious beach fun for a seriously cheap price. can we save money on gas and can we make it back with our friendship still intact? you'll want to stay tuned for that. >> maybe we should trademark this road trip. >> maybe we should trademark this road trip. [ male announcer ] scott naturals hybrid paper products
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coming up, the final countdown. oprah's final shows thisk. ♪ it's the final countdown coming up, the final countdown. oprah's final shows this week. a lot of people betting on who will be her final guest. we've got the inside line. we're going to take a look at 25 years of television history. >> see that song? one of my favorites. >> yes, i remember you singing that song to me once. >> speaking of singing, part two of our road trip, the cheapest road trip ever. you get to see how we return to new york city after camping out on the beach in maryland. there we were barbecuing. there's ron in an apron that we gave him. there's a new show coming up that i think abc would love to have, ron and dan cooking on the beach.
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>> i can see high ratings for that one. keep it here. he beach. >> i can see high ratings for that one. keep it here. [ thinking ] oh, gourmet deliciousness...
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>>pert f expert fishing tips there. >> oh, boy. that hurt. i remember that. >> it >> it was ron. >> yes. >> that is part two of our epic road trip. >> now there is a reason we took this road trip. we wanted to test out all the tips we give you about saving money. we'll show you how we did coming up. we are also going to mildly embarrass ourselves in various ways. we made a special announce to show you how big a deal this is. check it out. just three days before oprah's last show.
7:31 am
take a look how the queen of talk will wrap things up. after 25 years on the air, expect surprises, fireworks and megastars. we want to begin with cleese sure at last for elizabeth smart. the man who kidnapped and raped her when she was just 14 is being sentenced this week and she will get to speak to him in court. >> reporter: good morning to you. elizabeth smart even returned from a missionary trip that she was on overseas for this opportunity to see justice done. this is the moment elizabeth smart has waited eight years for, a chance to confront her kidnapper and send them away for life. >> i'm not sure what i'll say yet. so i guess we'll just see when the time comes. >> reporter: at brian david mitchell's sentencing, elizabeth will get the final word telling her tormenter and the judge about
7:32 am
the horrors she endured. her testimony helped convict him. a jury rejected his insanity defense. this week his sentencing will officially end the nightmare that began in 2002 for elizabeth smart. >> this woman has spent the last eight years of her life being traumatized and then working through the healing process. it's time to end it. >> reporter: on that warm june night he broke into the smart house tucked in an affluent neighborhood gripping a knife he kidnapped 14-year-old elizabeth smart from the bedroom she shared with her sister. mitchell held her captive for nine months. remarkably, in march of 2003, police busted mitchell and reunited elizabeth with her family. >> until we find a way to erase memories, those memories will always be with her and be a factor in her personality and ability to trust others. >> reporter: her remarkable story captivated the nation as the public watched a 14-year-old victim grow into an adult advocate. she even just completed a mormon missionary trip in paris where she shared her story of survival.
7:33 am
>> wherever i feel i can do the most good, then that will be my main focus. >> reporter: but her saga has one final chapter left to be written as she speaks one last time to her attacker in hopes of putting him behind bars for the rest of his life while she spends the rest of hers giving. >> somehow i'll be able to reach out and help other children, other survivors, speak out about what's happened to them and give them new hope and courage to take a stand. >> well, the sentence something set for wednesday, which is the same day as the national missing children's day, so elizabeth is hoping to use that as a platform to again bring awareness to missing children. dan and bianna. >> a big week for elizabeth. we appreciate you coming in, mike. thank you. >> i want to turn back to ron claiborne with the other headlines. >> good morning to you, dan, bianna, mike. in the news, 20 reported tornadoes ripped through the plains states last night.
7:34 am
the small eastern town of kansas, redding, was hardest hit. one person was killed there and nearly two dozen homes were destroyed. r president obama leaves on a week-long trip to europe looking for support for his policies. could be more delays and cancellations at the minneapolis/st. paul airport because of a power outage. delta canceled 250 flights saturday because of that outage. one concourse is still without power. and a little trouble for the astronauts aboard the space station today. doing repair work on the space walk, a bolt floated away. it should not cause any problems, we think. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> good morning, again, ron. we had over 200 reports of hail with yesterday's severe weather outbreak. take a look at some of the tennis ball-size hail that fell in st. joseph, missouri, and more severe weather is expected particularly in the southern plains, we've got all of the meteorological elements in place
7:35 am
including tropical moisture, a surface and upper level low and as far as tornadic activity is concerned we're focusing on the southern plains but do have the threat of damaging winds and hail as far north as chicago even detroit, michigan. today's high, some drier weather down in the south that's still very warm in arizona. phoenix topping out at 93 and we are also expecting 93 degrees in atlanta, georgia, today, so it is going to be hot, hot across the south. that is a look a >>is wea this weather report has been brought to you by roundup extended control, dan and bianna. >> jackie, thank you. >> she's so good with that term tornadic activity.
7:36 am
very scientific sounding. >> bravo, jackie. coming up on "good morning america," the oprah countdown has begun. just three shows to go. we'll take a look at somehow she's going to say good-bye to her legends of fans. >> curious to know who that will be. >> part two of our epically cheap road trip. ron and bianna crying from laughing and bad s'mores. we'll show you how we survived our nights in tents and what happened on the long ride home and why am i dancing like that. >> and ron is eating. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control
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♪ it's the final countdown >> my song again. while the world did not end yesterday, as some people were predicting, but this week will most definitely be an end of the era. the final three episodes of "the oprah winfrey show" will air. you can be sure she'll have some surprises in store for us. peggy bunker is here with that. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of people feel like the world really is coming to an end. and, in fact, because oprah is ending her show this week, some people think they need psychological counseling to deal with the loss. we have three days left to enjoy her show. and the big question on everyone's mind is who will be her last guest? >> i just finished my last
7:40 am
in-studio show with guests, my last one. >> and with that video diary, oprah dropped a big hint. her very final show may not be in studio, may not even have an audience. but we can assume it will be big. >> we are going to australia! >> reporter: it will be emotional. >> and it will have many surprises. from famous friends like john travolta to visionaries like nelson mandela, speculation is running wild, but the tight-lipped production team has not leaked any information. >> and i think very few people, frankly, know anything about that last show in part because the producing staff at harpo has been kept largely in the dark along with the rest of us. >> all sweet, no bitter. no bitter. >> reporter: we do know what's in store for monday and tuesday's shows. they will be packed with a list of celebrities longer than the oscars and grammys combined.
7:41 am
scores of hollywood's heaviest hitters came out to see the big shows when they were taped last week and also to say thanks and pay homage to oprah. >> tonight is going to be a good night. >> reporter: from tom hanks to tom cruise, from madonna to beyonce and everyone in between. fresh off last week's devastating news, even maria shriver was there to help oprah celebrate and say good-bye to 25 years of coming into our living rooms every day. >> it's the last time you're going to do a script. it's the last time you're going to walk through the hall, so, you know, i'm feeling like it really is the end. >> reporter: so what a ride it has been. over the years, she's had 1.3 million audience members, 283 favorite things items and 40 million americans who tuned in every week. nobody does it bigger than oprah. >> you get a car. you get a car.
7:42 am
you get a car. >> there's never been anything like oprah. no question about that. and it is hard to imagine that anything in the near future will follow it. >> and so really the big question, once again, is who will this final person be? apparently the projection crew is keeping it so tight lipped, even gayle doesn't know. and gayle knows everything. >> even gayle doesn't know. >> our producer is convinced it's nelson mandela. >> ooh. that's a good guess. >> could be. >> maya angelou a lot of people are saying. >> ron, what is your guess? >> could be mandela, although he's not doing well physically. so i'd be surprised. >> could be ron claiborne. >> could be me. >> could be ron. he's not saying anything. >> it is me. i've given it up. >> we'll find out in just a few days' time. meantime, coming up on "good morning america," the long way home. part two of our epic quest to take the cheapest road trip ever. ♪ holiday road cash back with my credit card? love the idea.
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you know, the smartest fashionistas-- are really maxxinistas! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. america'eapest ♪ holiday road america's cheapest road trip! ♪ holiday road >> it actually is the cheapest announcing guy ever. that was the challenge, by the way, that the three of us accepted to go on the cheapest road trip ever. yesterday, we showed you our trip down to assateague island on the maryland shore. we saved money by camping. we cooked out instead of going out to eat even though we got the wrong marshmallows for the s'mores. we laughed about it. >> and bianna provided us with some free entertainment with her -- let's just call it enthusiastic singing in the car. this morning, we've got more tips for you, in part two, the trip back. >> a utensil of some kind. >> following a night of cooking under the stars -- >> swapping stories by the campfire. >> i'm crying.
7:47 am
>> and getting up close and personal with 3 of the island's 111 wild horses. >> look for the ears going back, when that happens, i'm bolting. >> we finally managed to get some shuteye. ♪ kumbaya my lord kumbaya >> we got a lot of sleep. sleeping beauty over here is still sort of waking up. >> it's beautiful really. it was cold and the ground was hard, but i slept great. >> it's 7:30 a.m. and we're just waking up to our beachfront view. the price for all this, just 31 bucks. while bianna and i were busy congratulating one another on surviving a night in the wild, ron took to the beach to be alone with his thoughts. >> he was probably contemplating the seven-hour ride home. >> or how he saved bianna's life.
7:48 am
>> i chased a wild horse away from bianna's tent. it was about to attack her. >> ah, story time with uncle ron. >> get out, get out of here. it's a wild horse. the guy was wearing a raincoat. but i saved your life. >> good morning, neighbor. >> something about ron's psychology that i've learned. if you call him a chicken, he'll do it. >> and that, unfortunately, is how i ended up standing with dan and bianna in 45-degree water, trying to reel in the catch of the day. >> i think i got something. >> okay, my turn. >> wait, it isn't -- >> aaagh! and right after fishing, we were able to meet a few of the island's original natives. >> this one is our horseshoe crab. >> and took part in a free wildlife class held by the park. >> if you just hold it by the
7:49 am
shell. this time they come up on shore to spawn and lay eggs. >> i think that's what it's doing. unfortunately, it was time for us to slither away and head back north, a 250-mile trek back to new york city. on the way down, gas prices hit us hard. 8 gallons, 33 bucks. >> 33 bucks. >> but on the way back we were going to try to save as much as possible. >> tip number one, travel as light as possible. every extra pound eats up more gas. >> come on, guys. >> bianna didn't exactly come empty-handed so we made her make some tough decisions. >> i may need to take some of the things i have in the trunk out. we're going to take this suitcase out too. >> my pillow is not heavy, bianna. you're missing the point here. >> our second tip, put the car in cruise control. so i think it is going steady for a long time means you're using less began than if you're not constantly revving. i guess we're not good enough entertainment for ron. >> we'll start taking it
7:50 am
personally. >> and for our final tip, yes, even i'm awake for this one, search for cheapest gas in your area with a gas buddy app. we found the lowest, $3.77 in jersey city, new jersey. >> so we found a gas station 8.6 miles away from here, so it's going to take us 14 minutes. >> that would be 40 cents cheaper than we paid in maryland. >> we're almost home. >> turns out all of our tips worked. >> we did about 26 miles to the gallon on the way down and 27.4 miles per gallon on the way back. so we conserved about one mile per gallon driving back using our expert techniques. in the end we saved on lodging, food and gasoline coming up well short of the $125 a day that aaa says the average american spends on vacation. >> that was good, guys. >> it was good. >> over the course of our trip we learned a few things about each other. turns out bianna has a melodious voice. ♪ don't you want me baby >> dan is a natural camper.
7:51 am
>> wait. this isn't a tent. >> no one tells a story quite like uncle ron. >> we're not going to use that. >> and, boy, do we crack each other up. >> a lot of laughs. it was fun. >> i'm surprised you saved money, you seemed to be eating the whole time. >> that was edited in to give the impression i was eating all the time. actually it was a rare moment. >> that seemed close to the truth. >> oh. >> if looks could kill. >> you did save me from a wild horse, so i'm forever indebted to you. >> you of all people. >> for that i brought you a true s'more. >> this is what i get for saving your life? a s'more. >> times are tough. >> these are hot off the press, apparently. >> yes. >> nice. are you guys going to be able to eat it without crying laughing now? >> i'm doing it now. ron just cracks me up. >> i have to say, it was fantastic, i enjoyed every minute especially the part where ron saved your life from that horse. >> yes. the 14 hours in the car together, we still managed to want to come in and work with
7:52 am
each other. >> i'm eating. make a note. >> we'll be right back. >> these are good. here' to my pants not eaving marks on m waist. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories
7:53 am
vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's o 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit. gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... minute especially the part ron ! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. i love bacon. i love you.
7:54 am
[ male announcer ] beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time. and introducing beggin' thick cut. [ hero dog ] i'm gonna need a bigger mouth!
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7:56 am
all right, we're ending the show on a sugar high with some s'mores. jackie, you have to come on our next road trip. we'll make sure there's some tornadic activity for you. >> it won't be as cheap if i'm there. >> that's true. >> megablast. >> thank you for watching abc news. we're always online on we're always online on christiane amanpour coming up. s
7:57 am
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